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Make Loyalty a Reality

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A Revolutionary New Kind of Marketing Platform

Every company is looking to increase business. To do so they will use a variety of techniques to raise awareness and get new customers to come in.

Most advertising focuses on getting new customers to come to the store.

How much do these techniques really get customers to come back though? Doesn't it frustrate you that most marketing systems concentrate on getting new customers and provide virtually no benefit for your existing customers who spend more on average?

Neves Software Inc. has developed a platform designed to not only attract new customers but to also get your customers to come back and frequent your businesses more often.

We invite you to read through our site as it offers you valuable information on how we can help you in your business.

The platform is comprised of several feathers which are listed below that when combined provides a powerful promotional platform. These features are as follows:

Key Features

  • Gift Cards (Physical And E-gifting)
  • Vouchers
  • Stamp Card Loyalty Program
  • Points based Loyalty Program

Mobile Services

  • GPS based business directory
  • In app advertising
  • Push notifications
  • Social media messaging

Branding Features

  • Inclusion in Loyality App
  • Online Gift Card Design tool
  • Online Voucher Design tool
  • Community build tools

Loyality Mobile App

When you sign up for this service and provide a store location, you will automatically be added to the Loyality app. The loyality app will allow your customers to get access to your gift cards, vouchers, and loyalty programs.

It will also allow you to sell gift cards and vouchers right inside the app.

Your customers will be able to find your business through Loyality's business directory which will show them your location on the map that is close by.

You will be able to talk to your customers who have the app through our mobile messaging system.

Loyality mobile app available in the Apple app store and Google play store

NsCards Merchant Portal

The NsCards website is the merchant portal for the Loyality app. The merchant portal helps our merchants administer their gift cards, vouchers, loyalty programs and mobile messaging in the app by providing an easy to use interface.

The merchant portal also provides a unique and convenient way for you to deliver the app to your customers through the delivery of one of the services or products that you send to the customer.

Your customer doesn't have to find the app in the app store. If the system detects that the loyality app isn't on the phone it will point them to the appropriate page in the app store so that they can install it.

The merchant portal also has the ability to design gift cards and vouchers and provides you a way to handle your companies branding.

The merchant portal also allows you to track what your staff is doing and the usage of the services that you use.

To sign up to the merchant portal just click on the "Sign Up For Free" button at the top of this page.

Benefits of Loyalty programs

Industry reports that 61% of small businesses generate more than 51% of their sales from repeat customers rather than new customers.

Yet 66% of small businesses, do not have a loyalty program at all. Of the 34% that do have a loyalty program only 46% of those are electronic.

Customers that have an affinity for a brand are easier to up-sell and cross-sell. A loyalty program can go a long way into building such sentiments. As a result a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25% to 100% increase in profits.

Whether a loyalty program is electronic or not can also have an effect on how people precieve you. A study by 451 Research found that 45% of respondents would choose to shop at stores with mobile loyalty programs over stores that didn't offer them.

Loyalty programs go a real long way of getting a customer to come back over and over again. By getting a customer to sign up for a loyalty program means that you generating a relationship with that customer. When they do this they are saying to you that they intend to frequent your establishment more often.

You can purchase a subscription for one of or both of our loyalty programs once you've Signed up for the site. Just click the "Sign Up For Free" button to get started.

Benefits of Gift Cards

Size of the gift card industry is $585 billion world wide in 2016 and is expected to grow to approximately 1.6 Trillion by the year 2023.

The US market size was 138 Billion in 2015 and grew to 149 Billion in 2017.

80% of gift cards are used within the first 60 days and they are spent like a gift rather then saved in the recipients bank account.

Gift cards are a popular choice amongst both senders and recievers and for numerous occasions.

E-Gifting has had a slower adoption it reached 7.1 Billion in 2015 due to technological issues prior to the creation of the smart phone. However, since the development of smart phones it has become a more popular option, as such e-gifting grew to 14 billion in 2017 and represents a significant opportunity for retailers and shows that smart phone technology is begining to effect this space.

Our platform features revolutionary new gift card system that is built with flexibilty and customizability in mind.

With our platform you can create custom gift cards, both virtual and physical. You can sell gift cards in our app or offer up the gift cards as a promotion.

Because our platform uses QR-Codes instead of magnetic strip card processing it allows you to print gift cards on any medium. Just download the PDF file and take it into your local print shop.

The Loyality app has the ability to store your customers gift cards in their wallet so that your customer never forgets them and they don't lose them. Your customers can even import physical gift cards in to the app so that they are always available on your mobile device.

Click the "Sign Up For Free" button to begin discovering how our gift card solution can help you.

Benefits of our Unified System

Most companies that provide the services similar to this system provide only one of the services that this system provides. However, There are real advantages to using a unified system like Loyality. Advantages such as the following:

  1. The loyalty programs keep our customers using the app and coming back to your establishments.
  2. The in app purchases features allows the user to purchase vouchers and gift cards for sale directly.
  3. The mobile messaging system allows mechants to communicate deals to their customers.
  4. The community build tools allow the merchant to send invitations to other businesses they are associated with.
  5. The gift card and voucher template design tool allows you to create a branded experience.
  6. The business directory lets new customers find your business if it is close by


Not only do we allow you to customize your own gift cards and vouchers through our easy to use editor in our website, we can also provide you with your own mobile app fully customized for your companies needs.

Imagine having your own customized app in the app store just like the bigger companies do.