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A Pioneer in Mobile Marketing Technology

Neves Software Inc is in the business of creating software and online services that helps businesses drive sales and improve customer relationships. Our mobile marketing platform allows merchants to talk directly to their customers and inform them of sales and promotions anywhere and anytime. Our products and services are structured so that they can fit seamlessly into a merchants business operations without the need for setup and configuration.

Physical Products

  • Physical Gift Cards
  • Physical Vouchers

Mobile Services

  • Mobile Gifting of Giftcards and Vouchers
  • In App Messaging
  • Push Notifications

Key Features

  • Inclusion in Neves Card App
  • Online Gift Card Design tool
  • Online Voucher Design tool
  • Community build tools
  • In app advertising
  • Promotional vouchers and giftcards


Not only do we allow you to customize your own gift cards and vouchers through our easy to use editor in our website, we can also provide you with your own mobile app fully customized for your companies needs.

Imagine having your own customized app in the app store just like the bigger companies do.